Smooth Customizable Range Slider Plugin with jQuery - jRange

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Smooth Customizable Range Slider Plugin with jQuery - jRange

jRange is a simple jQuery plugin for creating a highly customizable range slider that features custom step, custom navigator (labels) and smooth sliding effects.

Basic Usage:

1. Load the jquery.range.css in the header and the jquery.range.js in the footer but after jQuery library.

<link href="jquery.range.css" rel="stylesheet">

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery.range.js"></script>

2. Create a regular input in your document and assign the initial range value using value attribute.

<!-- Single slider -->
<input class="single-slider" type="hidden" value="50">

<!-- Range slider -->
<input class="range-slider" type="hidden" value="25,75">

3. Initialize the plugin to convert the input fields into range sliders.

from: 1,
to: 100,
scale: [1,25,50,75,100],

from: 1,
to: 100,
scale: [1,25,50,75,100],
isRange : true

4. Available options.

// if this is a range selector
isRange : false,

// show navigator (labels) on the top of slider
showLabels : true,

// if you'd like to hide scale which are shown below the slider
showScale : true,

// amount of increment on each step
step  : 1,

// this is used to show label on the pointer
// %s is replaced by its value, e.g., "%s days", "%s goats"
format: '%s',

// "theme-blue", "theme-green"
// You can also add more themes
theme : 'theme-green',

// width of the range slider
width : 300,

// Lower bound of slider
from: 1,

// Upper bound of slider
to: 100,

// Array containing label which are shown below the slider. 
scale: [1,25,50,75,100],

// Called whenever the value is changed by user. 
// This same value is also automatically set for the provided Hidden Input.
// For single slider value is without comma, however for a range selector value is comma-seperated.
nstatechange : function(){}

5. Public methods.

// sets the current value of the slider without changing its range
$('.slider').jRange('setValue', '10,20');
$('.slider').jRange('setValue', '10');

// 'updateRange' to change (min, max) value and interval after initialized
$('.slider').jRange('updateRange', '0,100');
$('.slider').jRange('updateRange', '0,100', '25,50');
$('.slider').jRange('updateRange', '0,100', 25);

Change logs:


  • .indexOf not defined fixes


  • Fixed: onbarclicked event not being fired in single mode


  • modify updateRange to accept optional value


  • option to make control disable (read only).


  • fixed an issue when dragging from left to right


  • Scale labels are now optional by using the showScale options parameter


  • Make rounding off consistent

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by nitinhayaran. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.