Simple Rich Text Autocomplete Plugin For Input Field - richAutocomplete

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Simple Rich Text Autocomplete Plugin For Input Field - richAutocomplete

A simple to use jQuery rich text autocomplete plugin which populates a select dropdown with suggestions as you start entering something in a text input field.


  • Filter items based on search terms.
  • Display all the pre-defined items on blur/focus.

Basic usage:

1. Include the stylesheet richAutocomplete.css to style the autocomplete/autosuggest dropdown list.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="src/richAutocomplete.css">

2. Include the JavaScript file richAutocomplete.js after loading jQuery JavaScript library.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="src/jquery.richAutocomplete.js"></script>

3. Define an array of items for the autocomplete/autosuggest dataset.

var country_list = ["Afghanistan", "Albania", "Algeria", ...];

4. Active the plugin on the input field and specify the dataset.

  items: country_list

5. All default options.

maxHeight: 200,
  items: [],
  paging: false,
  pageSize: 0,
  showSpinner: true,
  debounce: 500,
  extractText: function(item) {
      return item;
  filter: function(items, searchTerm) {
      return items.filter(function(item) {
          return item.toLowerCase().indexOf(searchTerm.toLowerCase()) !== -1;
  render: function(item) {
      return '<p>' + item + '</p>';
  emptyRender: function() {
      return '<p>No Matches Found...</p>';
  select: function(item) {},
  loadPage: function(searchTerm, pageNumber) {
      return [];

Change log:


  • added more options
  • Added server loading simulated example - including adding paging using promises
  • Retaining the current highlighted item when paging

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by ashh640. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.